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Saria's Song by nasikepal
Saria's Song
(that's the fairy ocarina, not some kind of raisin bread.)
She's my favourite character from Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time! I'm back to my zelda-fangirling because 1) final exam has finished. super yay. 2) downloaded wind waker, a link to the past, and link's awakening on the finals week this shows how hardcore i am ha ha haihope i passed my exam

Mido's dialogue to adult Link. 'nuff said.
Loved by nasikepal
Inspired by a play I watched, titled 'Was Loved by Thyself'. A play that was performed by a university theater club. Even though i don't really understand what's going on because of all those surrealism theme and such, it's still super cool! 

I think its prompt was 'narcissism'. I... think.
The real scene looks much more intense and, of course, the actors don't float.
7th Stand User by nasikepal
7th Stand User
That creature thing behind her is a 'Stand' called Miracles. It has the ability to control people's subconscious and is a long-ranged type!
She's not my OC, more like self-insert for the '7th Stand User' game, a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fangame. Seriously, that game is so awesome. You are assigned to one from 18 Stand choices (via personality quiz) with different powers and has 19 different endings.

((that means I'll be less often goes to dA, then- bye for now!! :iconhappyblueplz:
Vocaloid x Indonesian traditional clothing! by nasikepal
Vocaloid x Indonesian traditional clothing!
Uwahh, being Japanese traditional clothing, kimonos are so pretty and often drawn with anime style. what a nice blend- uhm. Japanese are so proud of their own culture. I think... I'll draw my country's traditional clothing...

I was torn between 'ok, this is genius.' and 'ok, this is stupid y are you combining freakin' vocaloid.'
The clothings are from Lampung (South Sumatra) and Dayak (Borneo) ......but i think it's not accurate. Our country isn't that good providing references about traditional clothing, even displays on different museums can differ greatly! (It might or might not has been modified.)

Maaf semaaf maafnya kalau ada yang nggak sesuai... Referensi baju adat suka nggak sama. belum lagi kalau kesaru sama baju adat pernikahan. Tidaak! Adakah database baju adat yang bisa diandalin?
Steel Ball Run by nasikepal
Steel Ball Run
alternate title: the upper right girl musing 'damn, the male characters' hair is more fabulous than mine.'

Lucy Steel, Gyro Zeppeli, and Johnny Joestar! Three badass characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 7!
(johnny looking like a 13 year old here, eep.)

Just finished reading it. Before reading: 'the jojo here looks like a cute 13 year old with a cute(ly weird) cap. i bet the story will be boring with no cool ORA ORA ORA combat.' no i was wrong. too damn wrong. the thrill. the angst. the badassery. even with less ORA ORA yelling and more instant death nail bullet shooting it's VERY cool. the art is also real fabulous, that goes without saying.
but i can't draw his nail spinning thing coolly so okay.

(johnny looking so star-spangled like the US flag. bet it's intentional.)


nasikepal's Profile Picture

well now i'm more active at tumblr :iconsparklesplz:

stamps- 'cause i like it.
Paint Tool SAI by LumiResourcesKawaii Button Request Special by miemie-chan3Kawaii Button: Colab by miemie-chan3
Stamp - Tablet User by firstfearUndo Stamp by LumiResourcesThe Procrastination Stamp by BusirisStamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX
Thanks for the Fave by LumiResourcesArt Trades CLOSED by kuchiki-kikyouWarning: Amateur Artist stamp by ArtJockeyKCI Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDalton
It's in my head, I swear by AssClownFishMotivation...NO IDEAS by AssClownFishMotivation - Or not. by AssClownFishUseless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9
-Iggy Pocky Stamp- by WrenAgainfav-ninja by CookiemagiKWishful Thinking by whispwillNomnom Stamp V.3 by Sinister-Starfeesh
Stamp - Sket Dance 2 by SuxinnEyeshield 21 Stamp - 1 by TandyMastaofchuKorea Stamp by MimeikoKyoukai no Kanata Stamp by kawaii-desu-3
:thumb418837909:The Minish Cap Elementals stamp by Chrysalislover

ack, holidays feel so fast if you just draw (and browsing on the net) all day.

i'm currently making a (seriously, really weird) comic i put too much effort in, but it doesnt look that way... why did i use digital screentones for hair. why didnt i just use grey brush. hope i can finish it by the time uni break is over...

by the way i kinda melted my lipbalm by putting it near my laptop. truly gomen, lipbalm-chan....

and i'm currently obsessing over Daiya no Ace, Yonjuunana by mikito-P, and mobile app.

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